Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk ( Unlimited Money ) 6.3.0


65 MB
Game NameExtreme Car Driving Simulator
PublisherAxesInMotion Developers
Size65+ MB’s
Downloads100 Million Plus ( Android + IOS )
Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk ranks as one of the top games in the category of simulation and driving games. In a competitive market of games, this game is considered the best because of its excellent features. With its great graphics quality and realistic features, this game is the best out there. This game becomes more enjoyable when you have money and customize your cars up to a high level. 

It’s prohibited to dive and overtake against the rules, but you can drop a gear and disappear.


The multiplayer mode of games is usually the most successful part of the game because of how enjoyable it is. This game has its own multiplayer mode called “extreme car driving simulator multiplayer.” Download & Enjoy the multiplayer.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk Modes

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is based on three different super modes.

Traffic Mode
CheckPoint Mode
No Traffic Mode

Let’s explore the hidden features of every mode.

No Traffic Mode

All other features like buildings, cars, and roads are the same in no traffic mode. But the only difference is that there is no traffic. This mode is suitable for those people who are completely new to this game because they will not face any difficulty in this mode.

Checkpoints Mode

This mode is actually the main mode of this game because in this mode you have to earn coins by performing races and passing checkpoints correctly. If you missed a single checkpoint then you will be unable to earn from further checkpoints.

The money earned in this mode will be used for buying cars and their modification.

Traffic Mode

After practicing driving in No Traffic Mode, you have to practice driving in traffic to improve your skills. The Traffic Mode in this game enables you to do this.

This mode has such realistic traffic that you may feel like you are driving in real life.

To get all features of this game always prefer to download the latest version of the game.

VIP Mode 

One of the best and pro-level mode of this game is VIP mode. This mode is paid and the price is 6.99$/week. But you can enjoy mode for 3 days in trial.

Some of the pro features of VIP mode is

Double Your Distance 3 VIP Cars Daily 500 GOLD

Game Features

There are also some pro features that make this game more interesting

  • Mini Game Checkpoint Mode
  • Drive With Traffic
  • Full Real Car Controls
  • Open World Environment
  • Realistic Car Damage & Accidents
  • Physics Applied
  • Multiple Steering Control
  • Multiple Accelerator Control
  • Different Direction of Camera
  • Contains Ads

Addition Features

Camera Views
Headlight On/Off
Car Repair

Pro Feature

There are also some pro features like car customization.

Car Customisation

Remember there is no option to modify the speed or engine of any car, the only things you can do in the customization are 

  • Car Color
  • Rim Color
  • Change Skin
  • Change Rims
extreme car driving simulator mod apk all cars unlocked

But no need to worry, still there is an option to improve car speed or get unlimited money to improve cars. The solution is to download an extreme car driving simulator unblocked.

Setting Overview

The setting of this game is broadly divided into three categories that are 

  • Game
  • Graphics & Sound
  • Account

Game Category

The game category consists of multiple features which allow you to adjust the setting according to your need. This category is further divided into three sections: Control, Units & Language.


In the control section, you have the option to select the type of driving mode either you love to drive the car by using buttons for the brake and accelerator or using the wheel. Also, there is a tilting option called GYRO. You can use any option which suits you the best.


This section is only for the purpose of changing the unit of speed in the speed meter. Either you want to see the speed in kilometers per hour (Km/h) or Miles per hour (M/h).


If you belong to any nation and don’t understand English, then you have an option to select the language which you understand better. This game supports 9 different languages which include English, Espanol, Portugues, Francais, Deutsch, Turkce, and many more.

Graphics & Sound

This category will be used to adjust graphics and sound settings. It consists of 4 settings that are

Graphics Quality

In case your device’s graphics are low but you still want to play this game, an extreme car driving simulator download is the only solution. If you want to experience the full HD version of the game, download the extreme car driving simulator with ultra graphics.

Sound Adjustment

The volume of Effects, Music & Menu can be adjusted from here according to our comfort.

Account Setting

The last category of the setting of this game is Account. Before starting this game you have to create an account to keep your progress safe.

Best Cars

In the Extreme Car Driving simulator, Bugatti is considered one of the best cars as per users’ feedback. Do you want to unlock all cars in an extreme car driving simulator? Yes!

Download the modded version of this game.

Best City

Also in the extreme car driving simulator, San Francisco is known as the best city for this game.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator For PC

This game is actually not made for PC but still, you can play it on PC by using an emulator. The emulator is a system that allows you to download anything from a mobile play store on a PC. Extreme Car Driving simulator game can also be played on Emulator.

Mod Features  

Mod version is that version in which everything is unlocked like unlimited money, cars, etc. In this modded version what features are included, let’s discuss each one by one.

High-Speed Cars Unlocked

Normally you have to earn money by performing different tasks and then you will be able to buy a new car, but in this version, you don’t need to earn money. All you need to do is to download the Extreme Car Driving simulator mod apk and enjoy.

Reverse High-Speed Cars Unlocked

All High-Speed Cars in Reverse are also unlocked in this version.

Disable traffic in Traffic Mode

There are normally two modes in this game. One is No traffic mode and the other is traffic mode. But If you want to enjoy traffic mode without traffic, then download the modded version.

Add 100k Gold 

Earning gold is a difficult task in this game because you have to perform difficult and time-consuming tasks. But having gold is also necessary to modify cars etc. Add 100000 Gold to your account just by using a modded version of the extreme car driving simulator.

Use VIP mode Free

VIP mode is considered the best mode of this game because of its amazing features but it’s not free. But still, we have a gift for you to enjoy the VIP mode completely free.

Download the modded version and enjoy the VIP mode freely.

No Ads

The most annoying thing in every game is ads. And if you want to stop those ads then you have to pay for that in the form of a subscription. But still, you can stop all ads by using the mod version of this game.

Unlimited Golds

All Cars Unlocked

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk all cars unlocked is one of the versions for which the people are searching. The modded file provided on this website includes all unlocked cars. Just download and enjoy.

All Rims & Skins Unlocked

Everyone loves modification of cars like changing their skin color or rims or rims color. But for doing this you need gold and money which is available unlimited in this version.