How to delete Car Parking Multiplayer Account? | Safe Method

Due to some reasons, some players want to delete their car parking multiplayer account and create a new account. I saw a lot of players in the game, and on social media, they are searching for how to delete car parking multiplayer accounts. 

How To delete CPM Account

The process is very simple and straight.

  1. First of all, Open the Game
  2. Click on Setting in the Left-Top Corner
  3. Then Click on Save Progress
  4. You will see three options. 1. Save 2. Sign out 3. Delete
  5. Click on Delete
  6. Then Click on Ok
  7. Type Account Password for confirmation & click on OK
  8. Done

What Will Happen?

When you delete your account, you will lose & everything, including cars, progress, and many more features.

How to Recover Deleted Account

There is no way to recover your deleted account. 

Can we Create a Second Account on the Same Email?

Some users are also worried about the email after deleting the car parking multiplayer account. Because some players are famous for their emails, their connections are lost with friends and other players if they change the email.

But you don’t have to worry. If you delete your account on the same email, you can create another new account.

Can’t “Sign Up” & “Sign In” in Car Parking Multiplayer

Some users face problems in signing up & sign in to in-car parking multiplayer during virtualXposed. Here is the solution.

  1. First of all, “Go To Setting “in VirtualXposed
  2. Click on Advanced Settings
  3. Then Click on “Install & Uninstall Google Services”
  4. When the installation is completed. Click on “OK”
  5. Then again, try to “Sign In” or “Sign Up” to car parking multiplayer.

This time it will work 100%.

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