How to Recover Data from BitLocker Encrypted Hard Drive?

Introduction to BitLocker Encryption

Is your BitLocker encrypted hard drive giving you nightmares about data loss? No worries! The main objective of this blog post is to reveal the mystery behind data recovery from BitLocker-encrypted hard disks.

Whether it is an instance where one has mistakenly erased, damaged, or any other adverse event causing your precious files to go missing under questionable circumstances, we are here for you. Keep reading to get insights on how you can rescue your files professionally.

 Understanding BitLocker Encryption

BitLocker is a disk encryption feature included with the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is designed to protect data by encrypting all blocks. With BitLocker, users can ensure that their data remains secure if the PC or system is lost or stolen. . However, if files are lost, this type of encryption can make data recovery difficult, as accessing encrypted data requires specialized programming and equipment.

 Reasons for Data Loss on BitLocker Encrypted Hard Drive

 Data loss on a BitLocker encrypted hard disk can occur for several reasons

One is the accidental deletion of files or formatting of the disk without proper backup. Consequently, this mistake may cause a loss of precious data.

 Corruption in the file system and hardware failure are other causes of data loss. As a result, getting encrypted data from a BitLocker-protected drive becomes difficult when encryption keys are lost or damaged.

 Factors, like viruses and malware, can compromise the security of a BitLocker encrypted hard disk, leading to possible data loss. In those cases, information recovery becomes essential but only complex without appropriate tools and techniques.

 Another thing that may result in data loss on the BitLocker-coded device could be the physical disability of the hard drive itself. Hence, care in handling storage devices is necessary to avoid irrevocable breakages that may cause everlasting data loss.

Steps to Recover Data from BitLocker Encrypted Hard Drive

 Recovering crucial documents from a BitLocker encrypted hard drive is possible if you follow these steps carefully:

1. Have Your BitLocker Recovery Key Handy

The recovery key is essential to access the encrypted drive and start the recovery process. Without this key, you will not be able to unlock the drive.

2. Connect the BitLocker Encrypted Hard Drive to another Computer

Use a SATA/IDE to USB adapter or an external rugged drive enclosure to connect the encrypted hard drive as a secondary storage device to another Windows computer.

3. Unlock the BitLocker Encrypted Drive

Once connected, open File Explorer and go to “This PC”. Right-click on the BitLocker encrypted drive and select “Unlock Drive”. Enter your BitLocker recovery key or password when prompted.

4. Transfer the Data

After unlocking the drive, copy all the essential files and folders to another location, such as an external storage device or another computer. This ensures that your data remains secure and retrievable even if there are issues during the recovery process.

Using Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

One effective method for recovering data from a BitLocker encrypted hard drive is to use specialized data recovery software like Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Here’s how you can use this tool:

1. Install Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Download and install Stellar Windows Data Recovery on a Windows computer. Ensure that the software supports BitLocker encrypted drives.

2. Connect the BitLocker Encrypted Hard Drive

Connect the BitLocker encrypted hard drive to your computer using a SATA/IDE to USB adapter or an external drive enclosure.

3. Select the Drive and Unlock It

Launch Stellar Windows Data Recovery and select the BitLocker encrypted drive from the list of available drives. Enter the BitLocker recovery key when prompted to unlock the drive.

4. Scan the Drive

Initiate a scan of the unlocked drive using the software. Stellar Windows Data Recovery will search for lost or deleted files on the encrypted drive.

5. Recover the Data

Once the scan is complete, preview the recoverable files and select the ones you want to retrieve. Save the recovered files to a different location, such as another hard drive or external storage device.

Tips to Prevent Data Loss on BitLocker Encrypted Hard Drive

You must learn to be organized and abide by certain principles to prevent data loss using a BitLocker encrypted HDD. It is essential that you regularly back up your important files. By making copies of these files on an external device or cloud storage, your information will still be safe, even if something goes wrong with the encryption or the hard drive itself.

Additionally, one must become aware of signs of potential problems in one’s hard drive. Weird sounds, low-speed rates, and error messages indicate underlying issues that need instant attention. It is also essential to keep your OS and encryption software updated to maintain the security and operation of your BitLocker-encrypted hard drive.

Moreover, choose a trustworthy anti-virus program to protect their computer from any possible malware that can lead to data loss.

Also, one can avoid untrustworthy websites and downloads, reducing the chances of encountering harmful software. Additionally, being wary about disclosing sensitive information online and practicing good password hygiene helps guard against data loss on a BitLocker encrypted hard drive.


Maintaining the security and integrity of your data on a BitLocker encrypted hard drive is essential. You can retrieve missing information by observing the guidelines in this document and curb repeated data loss. Make sure you regularly create copies of your crucial documents to be safe if you decide to save them some way else

In case any difficulties are encountered during the process of recovering lost information, get professional assistance. With the appropriate understanding and tools, it is possible to restore valuable information from a BitLocker encrypted hard drive successfully.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery software is a reliable option for recovering data from BitLocker encrypted drives. By incorporating such tools and best practices, you can effectively manage your data and mitigate the risks associated with data loss on encrypted drives.


Q: What is the first step in Windows data recovery from a Bitlocker encrypted hard drive?

A: The first step is to have your Bitlocker recovery critical handy to access the encrypted drive.

Q: Can accidental deletion lead to the need for Windows data recovery on a Bitlocker encrypted drive?

A: Yes, accidental deletion can cause data loss, necessitating Windows data recovery.

Q: How can viruses affect Windows data recovery on a Bitlocker encrypted drive?

A: Viruses can compromise the drive’s security, making Windows data recovery essential.

Q: Is it possible to perform Windows data recovery on a physically damaged Bitlocker encrypted hard drive?

A: Yes, but professional help might be needed for Windows data recovery in such cases.

Q: What tools are recommended for Windows data recovery on Bitlocker encrypted drives?

A: Specialized data recovery software optimized for Bitlocker is recommended for Windows data recovery.

Q: Can regular backups prevent the need for Windows data recovery on Bitlocker encrypted drives?

A: Regular backups can safeguard your data and reduce the need for Windows data recovery.

Q: Are there alternative solutions for Windows data recovery if standard methods fail on Bitlocker encrypted drives?

A: Using advanced data recovery software or professional services is an effective alternative for Windows data recovery.


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